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Listen to the Ghana Waves online radio stream. This radiostation was the first Ghanaian online internet Radio which can be heard 24/7. It has been established in the year 1999. The audience lives in Ghana and also in other countries across the globe. As a service for the listeners abroad Ghana Waves has created an App for their listeners. This app contains all the stations which broadcasts in Ghana. But ofcourse you can listen to this radiostation on This includes all the radio stations for Ghanaians who are interested in Ghana News and music from Ghana. In general Ghana Waves discusses the latest items about Politics, News, Music, and Gospel. Ghana Waves a popular website which writes about the latest news items. The platform spreads hot items with subjects from entertainment, lifestyle to news. If you don’t live in Ghana you can download the app for your smartphone. This app makes it possible to listen to all Ghanaian radio statioins. The smartphone App gives you an overview of numerous Ghanaian stations after the app has booted. It also contains an overview of the Ghanaian newspapers. So download and install the Ghana Waves app on your mobile phone for free because it hosts all the best radio stations. And it gives you the option to read the latest news. To be able to use this app you should own a smartphone with Google Android or Apple iTunes (iPhone or iPad). Ghana Waves provides a Facebook page which is very popular among the Ghanaian people. Over 15 hundred people have liked the Facebook page. On the page the station shares the latest news items. It also provides the latest live streams. This makes it possible to see the studio of the radiostation. You can see the host of the talk shows talking to the listers. Visit the Ghana Waves Facebook page to see the latest live stream.

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