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Kapital Radio is a famous radio station in Ghana. It is situated in the Ashanti Region. The office and the studio are established in Kumasi. It is one of the oldest but best station in Ghana Kapital FM broadcasts al lot of local news and information. Also Ghanaian music can be heard on this station. With the talk programmes and the type of musoc genre the station tries to appeal the youth. The radiostation tries to influance their listeners in a positive way. Some of the programmes are very educative for the listener. Many successful journalists in Ghana had their training and experience at this station. Some pioneers of the station are Patty Daps, Kwame Adinkra, NY DJ, LovingCee and Bab Dabs. The station still educates media practitioners and upcoming journalists to become a professional journalist or DJ. The staff of Kapital Radio has payed recently attention to the health subject. Together they where focussed at burning calories. The staff of the station had prepared weeks ahead. The radiostation tried to inform the listeners about how import health / sports are. The event was a part of the 19th celebration of the existence of Kapital Radio. Kapital FM pays some extra attention to special events in their programmes. Besides the radio programmes the station also performs promotional activity on the events. For example on the religious holiday Eid-Fitr the station celebrates Eid along with the local communtiy. It provides free bus to travels to wherever destination of theirs. This way the station makes it possible for the local to travel for free to their family. Due to some issues with the local government regarding the renewal of the Radio license the station is offline for the moment. Luckily the stations managament is putting it all together to work things with authorities to renew their licence. According to the Facebook page of the website they already have payed for the right to operate again. However when the station will be back in the air is unknown at the moment. A lot of fans are unsatisfied about the situation. There is a message about the situation on their Facebook page. It sais: "The last time Kwabena Nsafoa made a post about Kapital Radio some people disagreed with him on some issues he raised however I wish at ask them some few questions 1. How long does it take to renew the authorization of a company whose authorization has expired? NB: We submitted our renewal documents and paid all monies required by the NCA in June 2018. And we don’t owe. 2. Do they think that it’s fair for a radio station that was established in 1997 to be off air for over two years just because it failed to renew their authorization. And have complied with all demands for renewal by the NCA since 2018. "

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